Pasteurizer “INTE-PASS”

The INTE-PASS is a pre-assembled skid mounted pasteurization unit. For pasteurizing the liquid product such as milk, softdrink, juice, tea, syrup, food stuff, etc.

The ability of pasteuriser to assure a safe, finished    product hinges on the reliability of the time-temperature-pressure relationships which must prevail whenever the system is in operation.

INTE-PASS pasteuriser options can be adapted to cold filling, hot filling and aseptic filling.

Depending on the INTE-PASS model, the unit can be operated either automatically by the PLC or manually.

The INTE-PASS can include plate heat exchanger  (PHE) or corrugated tube heat exchanger (THE),  considered to the product type.

Design Features:

  • compact design, little space required
  • simple installation, maintenance and commissioning
  • sanitary design
  • capable of operating with different product and capacity
  • ease of operation with GUI
  • low energy and maintenance costs
  • delivered as a pre-mounted plug-in unit
  • product loss minimized
  • functional test before delivery
  • accurate temperature control
  • PU control available
  • gentle product treatment
  • high quality components
  • many options to suit specific process