product-01CIP unit

leaning – In – Place (CIP)  allows hygienic cleaning between process runs, by the circulation of liquid cleaning  solutions, without dismantling the system and its component parts.

Reliable cleaning of  process equipment is a necessity for maintaining high product quality and maximizing plant output.  The cleaning program flexibility is required for multiple cleaning applications.

The CIP unit  type INTE-FLUSH  is a pre-assembled  skid  mounted unit, pre-piped, pre-wired and ready  for hookup of steam, water, air, electricity, concentrate chemical and sanitary piping.

All parameters that affect cleaning, such as  flow rate,  temperature, concentration of detergent and time, are automatically controlled.

The Integra CIP units are suitable for all applications within the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic and fine chemical industries. Typical applications are the cleaning of  storage tanks and process vessels, pipelines, filling and packaging machines, heat exchangers and all kinds of other in-line process equipment.

Design Features: 

  • compact design
  • little space required
  • simple installation, maintenance and commis-sioning
  • sanitary design
  • modular design, easy for expansion
  • reliable cleaning by automatic control of all relevant parameters
  • ease of operation
  • individual object’s parameters
  • minimum of detergent consumption
  • energy saving
  • delivered as a pre-mounted plug-in unit
  • many options available to suit the specificprocess requirement
  • support  both single-use and  reuse system