about-2Integra Co.,Ltd. was founded by the group of engineers who had experience in process engineering. We are to assist manufacturers to achieve high productivity and product reliability with modernized technology production line. The good engineering behind the plant will guarantee the production running at the most efficiency.


We are the engineering company which is engaged in designing, engineering, supply, installation and start-up of liquid processing plant in variety sections such as dairy, drinks, pharmacy, cosmetics etc. We are responsible for integration of process equipment into a plant context by addressing three essentials : Sanitary and Utilities Piping, Cleaning In Place and Process Control (Automation). We combine all engineering knowledge together: Processing, Mechanical, Electrical, Process Control and Automation to ensure that the plant works with the good reliable and the best quality product achieved. And we do not have limit of supply, depend on customers’ desires.


  • Campina
  • Coca Cola
  • Golden Mountain
  • Thai Nakorn Patana
  • Dutch Mill
  • สหกรณ์โคนมหนองโพราชบุรี
  • Ovaltine
  • SPF Palatability
  • TCP
  • Silom Medical
  • Foremost